Hi, I'm Jason Bay.

I write and podcast about my experiences in entrepreneurship, comedy and personal development. I'm very passionate about helping individuals find more fulfillment in their careers. I have shut down GenY Success, but you can continue following me at JasonBay.com.


What Others Are Saying


Elaine H.

Founder, Neon Owl
Great podcast! While listening tonight, I was reminded of things that should be of second nature to me, but I just simply forgot! Great reminder and a great wake up call. Looking forward to more!

Ajeet K.

Student @ University of Texas at Austin
I came across your GenY Success podcast and fell absolutely in love with it. I have listened to every single one of them as it is so inspiring and motivational. I would not be where I am today, if it was not for all of your insight and advice!!

Nicole Abboud

Host, Gen Why Lawyer Podcast
Jason Bay is an amazing host and really has a great podcast going with GenY Success...it is truly enjoyable listening to Jason and his great guests and learning what steps need to be taken to get the ball rolling on entrepreneurship and success.

Jeff B.

Host, Read To Lead Podcast
If you're a 20-something desiring to quickly get ahead of the rest of the pack, you need this podcast. Turn your commute or morning run into a time of productivity and learning. Jason will not let you down. He always features great guests relevant to you as a millennial!

John S.

Founder, John Schnett Consulting
Jason's podcast is LEGIT. In fact, the GenY Success Show has become part of my own Miracle Morning...do yourself a favor, forget Spotify for one hour of your day, and listen to the GenY Success Show.

Ashley S.

Founder, Ashley International
What an incredible podcast for millennials to soak up all of the gifts this generation has! Be it business, life or career in general, THIS is the podcast to tune into!

Chandler B.

Founder, Self-Publishing School
Jason practices what he preaches and he's got some great interviews. Must listen for millennials!

Tamara T.

The Millennials Mentor
Jason is a great example of why I do what I do! He is an exemplary Millennial who is ambitious and driven to make a difference for his generation.

Adam S.

Author, The Quarter-Life Breakthrough
Unlike podcasters who are in it just for the follows and likes, Jason is serious about helping young people not just make money but actually finding fulfillment and making a difference.

Sophia B.

Founder, GenY Planning
I highly recommend this podcast for any millennial looking to learn a ton of valuable information in quick 30 minute episodes.
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