LS03 — GenY Success

(LS #3): What Do I Do When I Feel Like I Can’t Stop Working?

“For some reason, I feel like I have to fill extra time with more work.”

This week, we’re continuing with our monthly productivity series. In this episode, we dive into the issue of “work guilt,” and in particular, what do I do when I feel like I can’t stop working? We talk about why many of us feel like we can’t stop working, why it’s important to schedule “happiness breaks” into your workday, and how to set realistic boundaries for your workday.

Next week, we’ll tackle the last question in our monthly productivity series, “What are some easy ways to eliminate distractions?” We’ll talk about a few quick tricks to set up a distraction-free work environment, and we discuss some of the actual tools we use to eliminate distractions on a daily basis. Be sure to tune in next week!

James Norris — GenY Success

(GYSS #98): Get Stuff Done Days & Email Overload Disorder w/ James Norris

“People think they’re productive, and they’re really not.”

James Norris is a social entrepreneur and life-hacker focused on behavior change innovations. He is founder and CEO of Self Spark, a global platform for science-based lifehacking events. He previously co-built 21 other organizations and was a triple major/quadruple minor at The University of Texas at Austin. He believes in living with intention and has experienced 2,050 “firsts” in life.

I wanted to get James back on the show because he’s not just a “productivity guy.” James takes a data-driven approach to lifehacking, which I find incredibly unique and useful. Everything he does (and recommends) is backed by personal experience and data, which is very uncommon in the self-help world. In this episode, we discuss what James has been up to over the past two years, how to constructs an environment that increases your productivity, and James explains Email Overload Disorder (EOD), among other things.

(LS #2): How Do I Create More Time In My Day?

“I don’t do ANYTHING that I can pay someone $5-$10/hour to do.”

This week, we’re continuing with our monthly productivity series. In this episode, we dive into one of the most critical questions that we wrestle with each and every day — how do I create more time in my day? We talk about why understanding your hourly worth is critically important, how we use virtual assistants (VAs) to help us manage GenY Success, and how to hire your first VA.

Next week, we’ll tackle the third question in our monthly productivity series, “What do I do when I feel like I can’t stop working?” We’ll talk about why so many of us feel like we can’t stop working, why we seem to expect more from ourselves than what we can actually deliver, and how we schedule “down time” each day/week/month in order to avoid burnout.

Ben Austin — GenY Success

(GYSS #97): Using “Flow States” To Create More Time In Your Day w/ Ben Austin

“When you are in a flow state, you ARE creative.”

Ben Austin is the founder of Stop.Start.Do. and teaches you how to be a peak performing leader by mastering your success habits. His friends call him the illegitimate love child of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Nye.

I wanted to get Ben back on the show because the guy knows quite a bit about “flow states.” More importantly, he understands how flow states impact productivity better than most folks. Last time Ben joined the show, we talked about the habits of the world’s top leaders. This time, we discuss how reaching “flow” can drastically improve your productivity, why reaching a flow state is a conscious, fundamental activity, and why reaching a flow state is all about living in the present.

Productivity #1 — GenY Success

(LS #1): Why Is It So Hard To Focus On Just One Thing?

“There’s always an endless amount of shit you could be doing.”

Welcome to the first episode in the GenY Success Learning Series! This month, we’re tackling all things productivity. In this episode, we talk about one of the most common questions we receive — why is it so hard to focus on just one thing? We break down the difference between productivity and efficiency, how to use The 80/20 Rule to maximize your efficiency, and why you should learn to “trust your calendar” to develop a daily system for working more efficiently.