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In episode #2 of The GenY Success Show, I feature an ex-Division 1 athlete from UCLA. DeAndre Robinson played on the UCLA basketball team from 2004-2008. In high school, DeAndre was one of the top rated players on the West Coast. In this episode, he talks a lot about how his basketball career has affected his career success. He also gives really great insight on what it takes to succeed after life as a college athlete. Many ex-Division 1 athletes don’t build the proper skills and connections to succeed after they graduate. Since they aren’t good enough to make it to the professional level, many of them end up working low-level jobs. DeAndre talks about how to overcome that challenge.

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Key Points

  • What it means to work under pressure and how handling pressure in sports translates to handling pressure in your career
  • How to utilize your time as a college athlete if you don’t have plans on making it to the professional level
  • How taking a year or two to live in another country can change your life
  • If I’m forced to take an entry level job when graduating college, how do I advance quickly?
  • How to start a business while working a full-time job
  • Why an online business on EBay can be a great way to make money
  • How to make a partnership work with a family member

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