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In episode #3 of The GenY Success Show, we have a very special guest. Eric Barstow currently owns and operates 3 different businesses. He’s taken a very unique approach to a simple industry: house painting. He started his entrepreneurial career by starting his own house painting company and then quickly branched out and started a company that teaches others how to start a house painting business through an online course. He then started a business that provides customer leads to house painting contractors.

He talks a lot about niche-based businesses, how to start one and how to test your idea to see if it’s a good one. He also talks about how he funded a few of his businesses for just a few hundred bucks. Eric’s a great guy and offers a ton of insight on business and creating a lifestyle for yourself.

“Rich people buy time and poor people sell it.”
– Ethan Denney

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Key Points

  • Why you should read the 4-Hour Workweek if you want to run an online or lifestyle business! (clue: it’s not about how to only work a 4-hour workweek…it’s about productivity and setting big goals)
  • How to practice productivity
  • What the 80/20 rule is and why it’s important that you leverage it for your success
  • How to turn your service knowledge into a product you can sell
  • Why YouTube is a very effective way to market an online business
  • Entrepreneurship is less about taking risks than you think
  • How to make money in a new business venture in the first day
  • How to determine if a personal development course that costs a few hundred dollars is worth it for you or not
  • How to start a business for less than $200

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