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Josh, like many other millennials, has had a lot of second thoughts on what he wanted to do in his career. He grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, but wanted to take a different route and work in law enforcement. After realizing the field was nothing like the TV shows, Josh quickly grew an interest in accounting.

He spent a few years freelancing and working with other CPA’s before starting his own accounting firm, CPA on Fire. Josh does the monthly income reports for John Lee Dumas at Entrepreneur on Fire and he does my taxes as well! If you have any questions about the financial aspects of starting a business, how business taxes work and/or how to save the most money in taxes, this episode of the GenY Success Show is a must listen.

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Key Points

  • Why freelancing helped Josh get his career started before he transitioned into being a full-time entrepreneur
  • Josh talks about how he got involved with John Lee Dumas at Entrepreneur On Fire
  • Why doing free work is a great way to get your foot in the door with potential clients
  • How Josh gets 75% of his business without having to advertise
  • How creating “how-to” YouTube videos can get you business
  • What the tax implications are of each type of business entity
  • Why moving to an S-Corp if you make $40,000+ in income will save you thousands of dollars in taxes
  • The 3 things you should do, from an accounting standpoint,  before you start a business
  • The biggest ways to save money on taxes as an entrepreneur
  • What the biggest mistakes are that entrepreneurs make with their financials

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