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Looking to start a business, but not sure where to even begin? Dave Anderson, founder of Moving Millennials, and I had a great chat about entrepreneurship, travel, contribution and creating freedom. We dig into what it means to create a lifestyle business and how that can bring you happiness and fulfillment.

Dave also breaks down the 7 pillars of starting a business in the “new economy.” You don’t need a brick and mortar location to start a business, and you can do it without funding. Now is the best time to start a lifestyle business and Dave talks about exactly how to do that.

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Key Points

  • Instead of thinking about what you want to be, think about what moves and inspires you
  • Why travel, contribution and freedom are the the three pillars to success
  • What the five pillars of freedom are and why they’re so important for your happiness
  • Find out how to find your “genius,” the something you know better than most other people
  • Why most of us live in the “effect” side of life instead of the “cause” and why that causes unhappiness
  • Happiness is internal, it isn’t external
  • Why dedicating time to think, read and meditate is so important in finding fulfillment
  • Why now is the best time in history to customize a career around things that excite you
  • The 7 principles of the “new economy” and why it’s a great filter to test your business idea
  • Why trading your time directly for money is not the way to go
  • The 3 mindset shifts entrepreneurs make that wantrapreneurs have not

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