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Tamara Thorpe helps equip millennials with the tools to succeed as a leader in today’s world. She loves helping young adults build a better version of themselves to realize their untapped potential. I dug in with Tamara to get her insight on finding mentors. She also talks about why it’s important to have a mentor to help you get ahead in your career. If you’re wondering how to show a potential mentor you’re worth their time, we answer that question for you in this episode.

We also dig into leadership and why it’s more than just a title: it’s a mindset and a lifestyle. You don’t have to be a “boss” to be a great leader. Tamara also helps millennials set life goals and, more importantly, helps them to achieve their goals. We talk about creative ways to hold yourself accountable to your goals to achieve as many of them as possible.

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Key Points

  • You don’t know…what you don’t know! Why traveling can broaden your perspective
  • How do you find a mentor without being weird about it? Why’s a mentor important to have?
  • Why it’s important to connect to the superstars at conferences
  • Why LinkedIn groups are a great way to find mentors
  • How to show a high value mentor that you’re worth their time
  • Leadership is a state of mind, it’s not a position or a title
  • How to make your personal leadership philosophy
  • Why finding an accountability partner is key to achieving your goals
  • Why taking on responsibilities outside of your job description helps leverage better opportunities
  • How to leave a great legacy

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