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Vanessa Van Edwards is the CEO and Founder of Science of People, a Portland, OR based human behavior research lab. Vanessa has been featured in many publications including CNN, Forbes, NPR, Business Week and the Wall Street Journal, along with being a contributor to the Huffington Post.

The reason I had Vanessa on the GenY Success Show is that she applies her studies of human behavior to business. We talk all about how non-verbal communication affects successes and failures in the business world and she gives a ton of practical takeaways you can implement right away at work.

She also has a special deal for you guys to get 50% off of her new sales course. Visit www.genysuccess.com/sales and use the promo code “podcast” if you’re interested.

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Key Points

  • People skills are a learn-able science
  • A minimum of 60% of communication is non-verbal
  • Learn what type of eye contact is best for social, power and intimate settings
  • Vanessa gives her 3-step process for learning and adopting great non-verbal communication skills
  • Confidence and cockiness are very close to the same thing, but learn how to exude the former, and not the latter
  • The broader your body language (the more space you take up) the cockier you appear
  • What type of body language is best with an employer, in a sales situation and in network settings
  • Our body language changes our mental state and physiology
  • Thin slicing and how it affects the first impressions me make on others
  • Your first impression doesn’t start when you engage in conversation, it starts when you enter the room
  • The biggest thing you’re doing in every networking situation that’s causing others to judge you incorrectly
  • Learn about the 4 steps to effective non-verbal communication in a sales setting

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