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Gabrielle Jackson is the founder of Millennial Solution and helps companies work better with Generation Y. I wanted to get her on the show for you because I thought it would be great to hear the perspective of our generation from the people who hire our generation.

Gabrielle digs into how to embrace our generation, why entitlement is not a bad thing and she gives great tips for female entrepreneurs.

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Key Points

  • Every person is unique, especially millennials
  • Entitlement isn’t a bad thing, you just have to know how to direct your motivation!
  • Address misconceptions of your generation upfront with the people you work with
  • Confidence without humility is pride…you don’t want to have too much of this!
  • Be humble, it’s the best way to fast track your success
  • Preparation is key to interviews: research your interviewer, research the company and research the position
  • Know that culture is a key thing companies are looking for when they interview you
  • People will Google you…what pops up on your Facebook and Twitter feed?
  • Treat your LinkedIn profile like it’s your elevator pitch for the rest of the online world
  • Best practices around providing references for trade references and also for employer references
  • The average millennial will have 12 careers in their lifetime
  • Gabrielle talks in-depth about the 5 millennial myths and her journey to overcome them when starting her business
  • The best way to push yourself outside of your comfort zone…set crazy goals!

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