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Ryan Jenkins is the founder of Next Generation Catalyst and he’s a millennial keynote speaker and author. He is also the host of the Next Generation Catalyst Podcast, a highly-rated podcast on iTunes for companies who hire millennials.

Ryan and I discuss his 7 Success Catalysts, which I personally had a ton of takeaways from. He’s had quite the journey as an millennial entrepreneur and he uses his story as a way to teach us key success habits.

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Key Points

  • Ryan works with organizations across the nation to help them work better with millennials
  • 70% of millennials might reject traditional business to work independently (it’s ok not want to pursue the “normal” route of going to college to work a career for someone else)
  • Millennials are part of the largest generation…EVER
  • Ryan shares his best practices for building a personal brand
  • Become a double threat: digital and face to face communication are both a must
  • Don’t worry about people not caring what you have to say at first when you start a blog…because no one will be looking at it anyways at first
  • You have a unique perspective or knowledge that is beneficial to at least one other person…just do it!
  • Ryan discusses his 7 Success Catalysts that have helped him achieve his success so far in life (Input, Reflection, Application, Failure, Association, Persistence & Gratitude)
  • Don’t brush off the compliments you’ve received in your lifetime, those are possible business ideas!

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