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Danny Rubin is the creator and writer at News To Live By, a website dedicated to finding the career advice “hidden” in today’s news. He’s contributed to the Huffington Post, Business Insider and has also appeared in the New York Times.

Danny is a firm believer that starting a blog is the best career decision that we can make as millennials. We talk about how to get a blog started, how to get over the anxiety of putting your thoughts and opinions out there for everyone to see and he shares some really great writing techniques.

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Key Points

  • Danny takes a positive twist on news today and gives it to millennials in a way that we can learn from it
  • Starting a blog is one of the smartest career decisions we can make as millennials
  • Don’t get hung up on what your blog looks like at first, just get it started!
  • Stumped on what to even write about in your blog? Think of your blog as a resource for someone else to make a difference in their life
  • The best writers use the simplest words to get their point across…you don’t get any extra points using crazy SAT words!
  • Write like you talk, and be conversational
  • Story telling is an incredible tool to use in blogging, marketing and job hunting
  • The finished product of everything you write should be shorter than the first draft
  • Try stepping away from your work for a day or two to get better ideas and a fresh perspective
  • Print out your writing to more easily read and edit
  • Study other great writers

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