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Sophia Bera is not your father’s financial planner. She is one of the top-rated financial planners for millennials. She provides a service different from most financial planners by offering a subscription based service in which her clients can get her advice on a monthly basis.

I found this conversation extremely helpful because she helped clear up all of my questions related to buying a home, my credit score, paying off debt and investing. If you need help managing your money, this episode is for you.

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Key Points

  • Sophia works specifically with millennials to help them manage their finances
  • Should you buy a house or rent? Renting might be a better option for you depending on your circumstances
  • Don’t be so rushed to buy a home
  • Pay off the credit cards with the highest interest first, not the largest balance
  • Sophia gives her recommendation for her favorite skymiles card
  • Techniques for lowering the interest rate on your credit cards
  • Sophia discusses the biggest myths when it comes to managing your credit score
  • Sophia gives several great ideas and tactics for paying off student loan debt
  • Should we save more? Or earn more? Trimming costs isn’t always the most effective way to pay down debt
  • How best to utilize your savings
  • What is a Roth IRA and how can I utilize one?

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