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Lindsay Smith works with millennials who want to boldly step into the real world. She helps recent college graduates rock their twenties by helping them find their values and fight through their self doubts.

We talk about her 7-step program for rocking your twenties, finding the right crowd of people and asking others for critical feedback to become a better person. Lindsay works with many millennials to help them find their passions and there’s a ton of takeaways from this episode!

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Key Points

  • Why it’s important to just be YOU
  • Find out what you’re really good at, and do more of that!
  • Instead of thinking of your life as a linear line to success, follow your curiosity to the center of a target
  • If you’re in college, don’t care as much about your GPA as much as you do taking advantage of every single resource available to that’s provided by the school
  • Surround yourself with people that intimidate you, collaborate with your biggest competitors…don’t just compete with them
  • If you don’t have a plan for your career, make a plan to plan it!
  • How to ask others for candid feedback about what you’re good at and what you need improvement with
  • Find people in your life that value honesty more than your approval
  • Lindsay discusses her 7 steps for rocking your twenties
  • Fear isn’t the best motivator
  • Why self reflection is so important to finding success
  • Your attitude is a choice
  • Life changes don’t happen overnight, give yourself an entire year and set small goals along the way

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