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Tim Elmore is an authority on leading and understanding Generation Y. Tim believes that “every kid can be a leader, because leadership is about influence.” I couldn’t agree more.

In this episode, we discuss a term he’s coined, “artificial maturity,” and how it has impacted millennials growing up in the world today. Our generation is the most exposed to technology and information of any generation in the world..ever. Many of us are also finding in leadership positions much earlier than previous generations. Tim has some really great insight on how to be a more effective leader.

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Key Points

  • Millennials are maturing earlier and earlier from a digital standpoint, but less from a “real world” standpoint
  • The average attention span of a teenage is 7 seconds…a goldfish is 8!
  • Tim talks about artificial maturity and its impact on our success in the “work” world
  • Tim has broken up Generation Y into 2 key segments: Generation Y and Generation iY
  • More people were born in 1991 than any year in America’s history
  • More millennials are in leadership positions than any other generation in the entire world, Tim gives his insights on how to lead our own generation
  • The best thing a leader can do is to be authentic
  • Tim runs us through his SCENE exercise for understanding entitlement
  • Why it’s important to be able hear “no” and bounce back from the rejection
  • Tim talks about “habitudes,” habits that can help us become more successful
  • Great leaders “act” instead of “reacting” to their day

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