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Amanda Abella is a highly sought-after business coach for millennial entrepreneurs. She specializes in helping millennials realize their true potential by starting the business of their dreams. She is the author of the best selling book, Make Money Your Honey.

We discuss the process of turning your passion into something that will pay your bills, how to start a business without quitting your full-time job and finding your businesses’ niche. This is a great episode that’s perfect for anyone wanting to know the tangible pieces to transitioning from your job to your business.

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Key Points

  • Amanda believes in working because we “want to” instead of because we “have to”
  • Amanda talks about graduating college and entering one of the worst job marketers ever
  • A college degree (even a Master’s Degree) doesn’t differentiate you from the pack anymore
  • Entrepreneurship is less risky than working a “comfortable” job
  • Don’t quit your job to start a business unless you’re set financially
  • How to turn your passion into a business
  • Don’t wait to start your business…the best way to learn is by doing!
  • A great exercise to get started is by listing what you don’t want, along with a list of things that you’re naturally good at
  • You can take modesty too far, it’s okay to acknowledge that you’re good at something!
  • It’s essentially to interact with your audience before you build an online course or product…start with a service

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