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Stephanie Melish travels across the United States to help train the salespeople of Fortune 500 companies. She has a ton of great insight to offer around sales and building the skills necessary to become a proficient salesperson.

If you’re in business or running a business, sales skills are crucial in winning business and influencing others. Stephanie shares her insights on rejection, the importance of a positive attitude and why price is never as important as we think it is.

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Key Points

  • Stephanie started her sales career in the non-profit sector
  • She met Jeffrey Gitomer at the beginning of her sales career, and he’s been a mentor of hers for several years now
  • Mentors have been really important to Stephanie’s success so far and she discusses how to set up a meeting with a mentor and get the most out of it
  • Rejection (more importantly, learning how to deal with it) is a skill
  • Asking why the person why they said “no” is a great exercise for dealing with rejection…and you can do it in an elegant way
  • Developing a positive attitude is the first step to laying a foundation for success in sales
  • Why developing a personal philosophy on positive attitude is so important
  • Stephanie explains why asking great questions is key to winning sales
  • Ask questions that show that you did your research
  • Stephanie talks about the biggest struggles of sales people and how to take ownership of your quota
  • Don’t be afraid to ask people for help!
  • Price is different from cost, Stephanie gives us a great exercise to use with prospects

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