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Jenny Foss teaches people how to be amazing at their careers through her website, She has 10+ years of experience recruiting applicants and placing them in key positions within companies.

Jenny has also a ton of great knowledge and insight around personal branding. So what is personal branding anyway? Jenny breaks it down into easily digestible chunks: online and offline personal branding. She digs into both and gives us great takeaways on networking, LinkedIn and how to navigate our careers like a boss.

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Key Points

  • Taking charge of the trajectory of your career is essential in finding fulfillment in your career
  • Jenny has 10+ years of experience recruiting and placing the best employees with employers who need help finding the best employees for specific positions
  • What sticks out most to her about great applicants is those that are P.I.E. (Passionate, Interesting and Engaged)
  • You have a personal brand whether you feel you control it or not…
  • Jenny gives her best tactics and strategies for creating a great personal brand
  • Solicit feedback from close friends and colleagues…find out how they perceive your brand
  • Figure out your SO WHAT? What makes you memorable and awesome?
  • Jenny drops a MAJOR value bomb when she discusses how to introduce yourself in networking settings…you should ask a question to introduce yourself first
  • Open body language is very important in networking settings
  • For your online personal brand, it’s essential to take into consideration the consistency of your social media profiles
  • Jenny gives great insight to create a creative and compelling LinkedIn summary
  • Make sure your LinkedIn Profile picture is appropriately professional…dress up or dress down for your industry
  • Friendly and humorous beats professional every time

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