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John Lee Dumas is the founder of Entrepreneur On Fire, a 7-day per week podcast that interviews the most successful entrepreneurs in the entire world. John is a huge inspiration for entrepreneurs and podcasters around the world.

John and I discuss mentors, the habits of young, highly successful entrepreneurs and his daily routine. He shares a ton of great insight and this is a great listen!

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Key Points

  • John spent most of his twenties in the military and job hunting…trying a lot of different things
  • John talks about going against the grain and avoiding the traditional route of finding a job to work at for 20 years and retire
  • Doing free work is a great way to trade value with a potential mentor
  • You can learn anything you want to in this online space, your skills are worth much more than money
  • Mentors are critical in succeeding as an entrepreneur and talks about why he chose Jaime Tardy and Lewis Howes
  • John walks us through his daily routine and its importance in his success
  • Eliminate outside distractions by keeping your notifications off on your phone and computer
  • Be specific with what you want to accomplish, with every day!
  • If you want to be, DO

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