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Arman Assadi is the founder of and is obsessed with solopreneurship. Arman started his career with Google and talks about why he left what most would consider such a great opportunity.

We discuss solopreneurship and creating a life of freedom, how to turn your passions and skill sets into a business and the biggest mistakes Arman has made as a solopreneur.

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Key Points

  • Arman describes himself as a “disillusioned rockstar” while at Google and quickly grew the entrepreneurial itch to contribute and help more people
  • There’s a huge opportunity for millennials to start solopreneurship businesses and create a freedom lifestyle for themselves
  • A trip to Cuba after leaving Google helped Arman reflect and make the decision to pursue solopreneurship
  • Always ask yourself what the worst possible thing is that could happen when evaluating an opportunity…oftentimes the downside isn’t as bad as we think it is
  • Everything changes when you start to take control and ownership of your life
  • Entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to impact and influence a large amount of people
  • Don’t just follow your passions…it’s not good enough
  • We’re not all the “inventive entrepreneurs…” it’s important to identify what type of entrepreneur you are
  • In order to understand what people want, you talk to people…this is the best way to understand what your audience wants
  • Arman shares the biggest mistakes he’s made as a solopreneur in his journey so far

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