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Michelle Ward is the founder of When I Grow Up, a Forbes top 100 website for your career. Michelle helps women transition out of their soul-sucking jobs into a career they love or by starting a business they love.

I wanted to get Michelle on the show because her advice is great for both males and females. She is very good at helping people find out what it is that they “want to do when they grow up,” regardless of their age. We discuss entrepreneurship, finding your career passion and leaving “soul-sucking jobs.”

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Key Points

  • Michelle has worked several “soul-sucking” jobs and gives us the story of how she got out
  • Michelle’s dream was to work in the show business as a performer!
  • Where to draw the line between being positive with your job and knowing when it’s just not the right fit for you
  • If you’re not happy with your career, self reflection is great…but make sure to take action!
  • Michelle discusses transitioning from employee to entrepreneur by building her business from her cubicle
  • Why it’s important to have an exit strategy when transitioning from your job to starting a business…just make a plan knowing that it could change
  • Why having a life coach or mentor is not a weird thing…many highly successful entrepreneurs and athletes hire mentors and coaches
  • Michelle walks us through a few steps to find your ideal career

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