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Marley Majcher is the founder of The Party Goddess, an event planning service in which she’s planned parties for Pierce Brogan, Sophia Vergara and several other celebrities.

Marley has a ton of great experience running businesses and we discuss how to know what priorities to focus on most as an entrepreneur, why profit tends to take a backseat to revenue and why your hourly rate is so important.

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Key Points

  • Marley went to college at Georgetown University
  • Marley started her career in the restaurant and event planning industries
  • Revenue is usually the #1 focus in business, Marley discusses why profit gets so overlooked
  • Most entrepreneurs start their business backward, they look at their passions first and the market’s needs second
  • Competition is a GOOD thing in business…it means there’s a need for product or service
  • Marley talks failure and why it’s one of her favorite subjects
  • What the McDonald’s effect is and why it’s so important to track your hourly worth

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