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Chandler Bolt is the co-founder of Self Publishing School (affiliate link) and is a best selling author on productivity and self publishing. Chandler got his first taste of entrepreneurship in high school and ran his first 6-figure business in college.

This is a great interview and Chandler’s a blast to talk to. His business is blowing up right now and he’s all over iTunes right now getting interviewed about Self Publishing School. We discuss why he became an author, productivity hacks for entrepreneurs and how to publish your own book.

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Key Points

  • Chandler grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and loved the freedom it created for his mom and dad
  • Chandler started his entrepreneurial journey in high school and talks about his first few businesses
  • Why dropping out of college is a smart decision for some people, especially entrepreneurs
  • Think of your work ethic as your “vehicle” and what you’re doing is the “fuel”
  • What is Parkinson’s Law and how does that apply to our productivity?
  • Sitting down and mapping out your week every Sunday is a great way to stay proactive with your time
  • Creating a consistent morning routine is key because it’s just that: consistent…this is important because it takes very little willpower to do the most important things first thing in the day
  • Why turning off phone and computer notifications is KEY to eliminating distractions and increasing productivity
  • Best practices for getting up earlier
  • Chandler shares his morning routine with us, his key for success
  • What it takes to write a book and why most of us are capable of writing one

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