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Nick Loper helps people earn money outside of their job through his site, He has a top-rated podcast on iTunes, The Side Hustle Show, and brings on guests who’ve found success with side businesses that they work on alongside of their full-time day job.

Nick and I discuss how he got started with his first side hustle and everything you need to know to start your first side hustle.

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Key Points

  • Nick talks about his college career and we share some old stories from our College Works Painting days
  • Nick’s first side hustle was sending out affiliate links to sell shoes to his buddies
  • Why starting a side hustle is a low risk way to ease into your own business full-time
  • The importance of making meaningful connections and why a podcast is one of the best ways to connect and network with amazing people
  • Steps to starting a side hustle
    1. Find existing platforms where your audience is already gathered (iTunes, Amazon, Fiverr, etc.)
    2. Find out what you’re going to sell (product, service or advertising)
    3. Establish some sort of trust by association and, if possible, do the part of the work first for free
    4. Ask if they want the rest of the work done for $______
    5. Rinse and repeat
  • Starting a service based business is the fastest way to grow your business and the least expensive
  • The hottest side hustle at the moment is Amazon FBA (fulfillment by Amazon in which you buy things and resell them on Amazon)…this works if you can find discounted inventory in stores and checking the price they sell for on Amazon
  • You can look for items that are selling well on Amazon and then see if you can get them manufactured inexpensively so you can sell them directly

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