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Ryan Avery became the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking at age 25. He competed among 30,000 other contestants across the world! He’s also a local here in Oregon and helping keep Portland weird.

I wanted to get Ryan on the show because public speaking is one of the important skills we can utilize as millennials. Ryan and I discuss his journey in becoming World Champion of Public Speaking, the art of communication and crafting great presentations.

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Key Points

  • What we have in life and our successes are directly related to our public speaking abilities
  • People buy with emotion and justify intellectually…stories help you engage with people on an emotional level
  • There are six basic emotions you want your audience to experience
    1. Happy
    2. Sad
    3. Disgust
    4. Fearful
    5. Angry
    6. Surprised
  • Always start with story, the worst way to start a presentation is with “hello! I can’t hear you!”
  • Teach something right away to capture your audience’s attention
  • Ryan discusses energy and how to use different levels of energy during your presentation to engage with your audience
  • Use local references in your presentations to make them more personable
  • Humor is absolutely vital in public speaking because it builds likeability!
  • Use the humor test:
    1. Can I say it in front of 2 generations and they’ll get it?
    2. Can I say it in front of 2 cultures and they’ll understand it?
    3. Can I say it in front of my grandma and will it be appropriate?
  • Speakers use humor by telling stories, not jokes…share your failures
  • PAR (Problem, Action, Result) – use this system for making your slides
  • 30:20:10 (30 minute presentation: 20 slides: 10 words or less on each slide)
  • Stop saying “just” and “only” to sound more confident

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