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Steve Salis is the CEO of &pizza, one of the fastest growing pizza chains of its type on the east coast. Steve didn’t start out as an entrepreneur though and actually dropped out of college after just a few years.

Steve and I discuss his inspiring entrepreneurial journey, knowing when and how to pursue your calling and how he has built and grown &pizza so effectively.

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Key Points

  • Steve talks about his humble beginnings and getting started in his adult life at the University of New Hampshire playing basketball
  • Steve had to make a difficult decision in college to drop out of playing basketball and out of school to get an early start in his career…he moved to New York to start a new life
  • Steve spent many hours working for a nightclub and spent all of the extra time he could learning how the industry worked…he built many contacts as this time and started his own hospitality consulting business
  • The key to growing is placing yourself in situations of discomfort
  • When making decisions around pursing your passions, do some deep self analysis to find out deep down inside what will make you happy
  • Make sure to leverage your network for career advice
  • Be bold and take risks in your career, you only live once
  • Entrepreneurs are comfortable with being uncomfortable…if you’re debating starting a business or not, push yourself outside of your comfort zone in your job and see how you like it
  • Base your business decisions on your core values…that way no matter what happens you can never fail
  • &pizza was founded in 2010, under the premise that it was in an industry that was huge ($40 billion) and highly underutilized
  • Steve saw a big opportunity to bring the emotional connection people have with pizza to a place where customers can customize the product
  • Niche down as much as possible in your industry so that you can be the best
  • Nothing is more important than the brand, not one single person

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