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Harry Campbell is the founder of The Rideshare Guy and host of the Rideshare Guy Podcast. He was an aerospace engineer at the time of recording and has been working in the rideshare industry for quite a while now as a side hustle.

Harry recently put in his two weeks notice to quit his job and go full time with The Rideshare Guy. We discuss Harry’s journey, how he started his first side hustles and why you don’t need to be an expert in a field to become an authority on the topic.

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Key Points

  • Harry started his career out in a very traditional way, getting his degree and getting a good job as an aerospace engineer
  • We discuss Harry’s first side hustle venture in personal finance
  • Why creating content is one of the most valuable skills you can possess
  • Harry started his finance site and his rideshare site without being an expert in either, yet he became an authority in both
  • How to niche down in a field so you can be an expert
  • Harry got started in the rideshare industry just to make some extra money, but he found that there were no websites around that really talked about this topic
  • Harry and I use myself as an example of how to niche down
  • Picking an industry with a ton of competition can be good because there’s a need for what you’re doing, but if you can find a newer industry with very little competition you can become a leader right away
  • When evaluating an industry, take count of how many sites, blogs and podcasts already exist in that industry…do this for industries that are in the high millions or billions so that you know there’s a big need

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