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Anna Runyan is the founder of Classy Career Girl. Anna is a career mentor for ambitious women. Her blog is one of the top 100 career for sites rated by Forbes and she is a best selling author.

I wanted to get Anna on the show to share her expertise in networking, building a personal brand and stepping away from your job to start a business. This is an action packed episode for both men and women!

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Key Points

  • Anna started her first blog while she was at school and just wanted to talk about her journey in college and finding a great career
  • Why choosing a career you are good at isn’t necessarily the best way to find something you’ll enjoy doing it
  • What a 4×4 networking challenge is and how it can help you build your network
  • Anna and I discuss reaching out to potential mentors and how to show them you’re a valuable person for them to spend time with
  • The most important thing to show a potential mentor is that you’ll actually implement what they teach you
  • Don’t be afraid to say “no” to opportunities in order to find the best ones…opportunities come in abundance
  • Anna’s 7 step system
    1. Understand you. Look at your current career situation. What do you like? What don’t you like? What creates that spark in your week?
    2. Nail your mission. What is your purpose? What gets you out of bed in the morning?
    3. Self reflection. Imagine what your ideal work day is. Determine what would be ideal so you can find opportunities that fit.
    4. Target your opportunities. TALK to people who are already in the careers or businesses you are thinking about getting into.
    5. Uncover issues. Make sure to be aware of the industries you are looking into so that you know they are a longterm industry.
    6. Create your personal branding strategy. How do you want to brand yourself? Put this together and start taking the pen to the paper!
    7. Create a networking action plan. Find focused places to network with the right people to get your opportunities. Find out where you are over invested and where you are under invested. What types of people should you meet?
  • Asking for introductions is just as important as making introductions!
  • Anna and I discuss the importance of self promotion in business
  • Anna gives a few great pieces of advice for women in particular to succeed in the workplace

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