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Daniel DiPiazza is the founder and creator of Rich20Something.com. He’s a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and Entrepreneur.com and helps young entrepreneurs start businesses.

Daniel has a wide range of knowledge in a ton of different subjects related to entrepreneurship, but I wanted him to discuss networking with influencers and freelancing. He built a six figure freelance business in just a year and is really great at connecting with big influencers.

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Key Points

  • Daniel walks us through what it was like graduating from college and not knowing anything about what he wanted to do next…except for that he didn’t want to work for someone else
  • Daniel gives his thoughts on becoming an entrepreneur and not waiting until retirement to enjoy your life
  • How to figure out what your true value is worth as a freelancer (if the company you work for charges $150 for the service you provide for a customer and pay you $35 / hour…your time is actually worth $150 / hour)
  • What the marsupial method is and how you can use it to find freelancing clients in 24-48 hours
  • Building strategic partnerships is crucial in growing a freelance or consulting business quickly
  • Look for businesses working with your target audience who are not offering a service to their customers that you do really well
  • How to identify skills people are willing to pay you top dollar for
  • Using the warm canvassing method to find customers quickly…let everyone in your network
  • What automatic on boarding is and how it can help you build your freelance customer base very quickly
  • Freelancing vs. starting a service based business and why it’s important to start as a freelancer to build a good base
  • The best advice for connecting with others, especially power influencers: be a normal dude or dudette!
  • Don’t force connections and don’t reach out until you have something of value to say to them
  • How Daniel connected with Jordan Harbinger and Arianna Huffington

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