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Mary Beth Storjohann is the founder of Workable Wealth and she’s on a mission to empower Generation Y to get on the right financial track by making smart, educated decisions with their money.

Mary has been featured in many different publications including the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Forbes and many more. I brought Mary on the show to share her expertise in starting a service based business, getting press to build authority in her niche and financial tips for millennials.

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Key Points

  • Mary starts off by telling us about how she got into personal finance
  • Mary got the entrepreneurial itch because she wanted to work with younger clients
  • She finally pulled the trigger after figuring out that she really had nothing to lose…if starting a business didn’t work out she would just have to go back and get another job
  • The first step in getting your business started is to do informational interviews
    • Reach out with an email and state who you are and why you’re reaching out
    • Let them know you got a lot out of a piece of content they’ve created
    • Show them that you are going to be one of those people who uses their advice and that you’re a person who takes action!
    • Mary recommends getting people on the phone instead of answering questions through email
  • The second step in getting your business started is hiring a business coach or finding an accountability partner
    • You don’t have to pay for one! Look for someone to trade services with
  • Why starting a service before launching a product is really the way to go
  • The third step in getting started is developing partners
    • Start a mastermind with other businesses in your niche
    • Network in person to find other strategic partners
    • Get business from your old employer if you’re not in direct competition with them
  • The final step is getting press and using social media
    • Reach out to publications and write for free
    • Use HARO to get free news articles
    • Use the social media platforms in a very intentionally way

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