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Sean Ogle is the founder of and LocationRebel where he helps entrepreneurs start businesses in which they can work from anywhere in the world.

I had Sean on the show because he’s the master when it comes to starting location independent businesses. We discuss his journey, his steps for starting a successful online business and how to reach out to mentors.

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Key Points

  • Sean had two goals growing up: to run a business and to travel the world
  • Sean had enough with his job when he got back from a vacation only to be welcomed with a 20% pay cut
  • Chris Guillebeau played a big role in Sean’s beginnings with Location 180
  • Sean breaks down the process for reaching out to influencers and connecting with a cold email
    • Take the advice of your potential mentors and follow through with what they tell you to do, even if it’s just a blog post they wrote
    • The best emails Sean gets is the ones that say they followed his advice and that it worked!
    • Keep your mentor updated with your progress
  • Why starting a blog is one of the best thing you can do for your career and to create public accountability for yourself
  • Sean would post his bucket list on his blog
  • Consistency is king when it comes to success early on with your business
  • Why passive income usually comes second after a service
  • Sean’s 3-step process for starting a successful location independent business
    • Step 0 – Start a website or blog
      • Start practicing your writing skills and blogging or podcasting every week
      • Sean discusses what a basic website should consist of
    • Step 1 – Build a good set of skills for online business
      • Know the basics when it comes to WordPress, SEO, copywriting and social media
    • Step 2 – Freelance
      • Freelance writing is a great way to make money when getting started
      • Sean talks about how to find customers by writing and sharing blog posts
    • Step 3 – Apply these things to your own projects
      • Build out a product or service
      • Build an ecommerce store
  • By having his blog, Sean has gotten many business opportunities from people who have reached out to him
  • Sean discusses geo-arbitrage and how you can live overseas for $1,000 / month

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