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Adam Griffin is the founder of Bodeefit, in charge of Business Development for all things tech at Galvanize and author of The Guy At The Bar. Adam has a ton of experience working with startups and I brought him onto the show because of his expertise in startups, fitness and growing an app based business.

We discuss his journey as an entrepreneur, how to identify great startups (and how to become a part of one), how to grow and market a business without spending a dime and we chat about his new book, The Guy At The Bar.

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Key Points

  • Adam started out his career working in startups with his wife
  • How to find the right startups to get involved with (and how to get hired by a great startup!)
  • Adam shares his techniques for finding the right people at the startup you want to work for and how to get an informational interview set up
    • Understand that another “human being” is on the other side of that email
    • Make sure your email is short, to the point and make sure to ask for what you want at the end…give the person an easy way out
    • The best way to get hired by a startup or work with them on a business to business level, find out where they are and network with them in person (find groups, their happy hours, etc.)
  • How Bodeefit was started and grown to over 350,000+ users
  • How Adam bootstrapped Bodeefit for less than $100 and how he hacked his marketing efforts by partnering with larger entities
  • How to reach out to large publications and become a contributor (this is where the majority of his traffic and signups comes from…and it’s free)
    • The components of a great story
    • Reach out directly through email to specific people (Adam and I share a great email hack here)
  • Adam talks about how to become a subject matter expert without being the “best” at the subject
  • Adam talks about dealing with the death of his first son and the inspiration for writing The Guy At The Bar

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