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Jessie Goergen is a Brookings, Oregon native who has been singing since she could talk. She moved out to Nashville a little over a year ago and is currently working with Gretchen Wilson to help with writing, recording and producing her new debut album.

I had Jessie on the show because being a musician is a lot like running a small business. She shares her mindset around hustling for opportunities, self promotion and how to put together a successful Kickstarter campaign. She’s raised over $20,000 in just a few weeks and has a ton of great tips to share!

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Key Points

  • Jessie has been singing since she could talk!
  • Jessie shares her story, along with struggles and failures along the way
  • What it was like when she was trying to get into law school and had an epiphany moment that she should pursue a career in music
  • Why it’s important to hustle and take every opportunity you can get
  • How she met Gretchen Wilson and why it’s important to ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?”
  • What it was like moving to Nashville and uprooting her entire life
  • Jessie shares a little bit about how the music industry works and how the publishing side differs from the artist side
  • How to show a mentor that you’re worth their time
  • The fundamentals to a successful Kickstarter Campaign
    • Tell your story (find inexpensive ways to create interesting content)
    • Create interesting contests and prizes to get your fans and supporters engaged in your project
    • Promote, promote, promote


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