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Nicole Abboud is the founder of Nicole Abboud Law Offices and the host of the Gen Why Lawyer Podcast. She started her career out as a law professional before quickly deciding she wanted to start her own business.

Nicole and I discuss how to break into an industry at a young age. Many lawyers have 2-3x more experience than she does, but we talk about why that doesn’t matter. She shares her entrepreneurial journey and 4 key steps to becoming an authority in your niche.

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Key Points

  • Nicole has been into fashion since she was a little girl and used to design her own clothing
  • Why it’s important to interview and ride shotgun with people who are already doing what you want to do, whether that’s a business you want to run a job that you would like
  • After 2 years or so into practicing law under a solo practitioner, Nicole decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship!
  • Why great employees make great entrepreneurs
  • How you can use being a youngster to your advantage
  • How to use affiliations and awards to build authority
  • How volunteering in the community and doing pro bono work can help you land clients
  • Why sharing your story is such a big key to creating great content
  • 4 Steps To Shaking Up An Industry At A Young Age
    1. Find out what you’re passionate about
    2. Find like-minded people (network, volunteer and interview)
    3. Build your Digital foot print (create content: blog, podcast, etc.)
    4. Find your first customers!
  • Simon Sinek’s Start With Why TED Talk

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