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Partha Unnava is the founder of Better Walk. After breaking his ankle and spending six weeks on crutches, he founded Better Walk to create a crutch that didn’t hurt a user’s armpits.

I had Partha on the show to discuss how to find products to improve upon, how to do market research and how to build relationships with investors.

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Key Points

  • Partha talks about his humble beginnings and the fact that he never planned on being an entrepreneur
  • Instead of submitting applications or trying to reach people through contact pages, get key decision makers on the phone
  • Partha broke his ankle playing basketball in college and was stuck with crutches, which was one of the best things that has happened to his career
  • What the lean startup method is and how he applied to Better Walk
  • How to do audience research to take an existing product and improve upon it
  • What role mentorship played in Partha’s success
  • What investors look for in startups
    1. A solid product that solves a problem
    2. Scalability
    3. A solid team

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