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Loren Brill is a baked goods visionary and the founder of Sweet Loren’s. Her cookies are 100% natural and you can find them in retailers like Whole Foods Market and 16 Handles frozen yogurt.

I brought Loren on the show to talk about her journey in finding her passion, dealing with adversity and the steps she took to get her food product placed in Whole Foods.

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Key Points

  • Loren didn’t always want to become an entrepreneur, but she always loved how people responded after eating baked goods at a summer job she had in NYC
  • Loren was diagnosed with cancer right after her time at USC and shares what got her through it
  • Why finding your passion takes work, it doesn’t just land in your lap…try lots of new things!
  • Mentors have been a huge part of Loren’s success and she shares a story about how she met the founder of Chobani Yogurt, Hamdi Ulukaya
  • The proper way to introduce yourself to potential mentors and why you shouldn’t take it personally if an important person isn’t interested in your business
  • Your connections will organically grow, so meet up with as many people as you can because they know people as well!
  • What steps you need to take in order to start a successful food product:
    • Having a great product (a given…test with your friends and family)
    • Finding places where your audience is already gathered to validate your product (places that serve food, food contests, etc)
    • Create your brand and your story
    • Iterate, iterate, iterate and get tons of feedback from your customers
    • Scale up your product (find manufacturers and retailers)

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