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Matt Becker is the founder of where he helps new parents build happy families by making money simple. Matt is a fee-only financial planner and works with many millennials to help them manage their money better.

The reason why I wanted to get Matt on the show is because many millennials are either starting families right now or about to start them…and have no idea what to expect from a financial standpoint! We discuss Matt’s story, the best way to automate your finances, what you should be budgeting for and the most effective ways to pay off debt.

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Key Points

  • Matt started Mom and Dad Money out of necessity…there weren’t any resources out there for managing your finances with a new family
  • What a financial planner is and what it means to work with a “fee-only” financial planner
  • Matt looks at money as just a tool to give you the financial freedom to do what makes you happy
  • Why Matt is not a proponent of “budgeting” but instead “tracking” your finances
    • Know “why” you’re saving money and what you want to use it for (this is big!)
    • Know what is going in and out of your account every month (Matt recommends using
    • Look for expenses you can easily cut (negotiating utilities, cell phone, etc.)
    • Look for opportunities to increase your income (side hustles, negotiating raises, getting a higher paying job, etc.)
  • Why a combination of “cutting spending” and finding ways to make more money is necessary for your finances
  • Matt shares his script for negotiating your cell phone bill and utilities
  • If you have extra money, you should start with an emergency fund
  • Savings accounts that give great interests rates…here are a few online savings accounts options:
  • How to automate your bank accounts to do the work for you each month (learn more about how to do that here)
  • Insurance 101 (health, disability and life insurance)
    • The lowest premiums are not always the best option
    • Deductibles are second…make sure you can handle the worst case scenario
  • Matt gives his thoughts on retirement and why he doesn’t agree with the traditional definition of the word
  • How to tackle student loan debt and lower your monthly payments
  • How to tackle credit card debt
    • Make sure to call in and ask what your interest rates are so you can prioritize your payments
    • Automate your payments
    • When you one card is paid off, take that money and put it towards another card…and automate it

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