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Laura Roeder is the founder of LKR Social Media and Edgar. Laura grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and quit her job at 22 to start her first business.

I had Laura on the show because she is THE expert when it comes to social media for online businesses. We discuss her journey as an entrepreneur, scaling up her business and everything you need to know about social media as a solopreneur or small business owner.

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Key Points

  • Laura quit her job at 22 to get right into her first business!
  • She started out as a consultant and doing freelancing work for social media before moving to more of a product based business
  • Why scalability should be second and viability first…validate your idea before you worry about scalability
  • Why working with customers as a consultant or freelancer is a great segway to building a product
  • Why posting the same exact content, multiple times each month is effective…that’s right…posting the same exact post with the same content more than once is a good thing
  • Make sure to set up Google Analytics Conversion Goals to track social media traffic and signups from social media (link below)
  • Don’t be afraid to push your product/services on social! Your followers opted in to see your content.
  • Steps to getting started with social media:
    1. Set up Google Conversion Tracking
    2. Don’t be afraid of self promotion
    3. Promote the same content multiple times
    4. Use social media as a traffic driver
  • Don’t get too complicated when you get started…just stick with the basics and focus on Facebook and Twitter
  • 5 different types of content you should be posting:
    1. Promotions for your products or services
    2. Drive people to your free opt-in offer
    3. Your own content
    4. Other people’s content (OPC)
    5. Inspirational quotes
  • Don’t overthink your content posting, just post an even mix of the 5 types of content above
  • With Facebook, don’t try to keep up with the “hot” content they like, use these types of updates:
    • Text updates
    • Image updates
    • And make sure to use videos, these are hot right now
  • Post 3x-10x / day to Facebook depending on what you have time for
  • Why Laura favors Twitter over Facebook because it’s easier to create engagement
  • What roundup posts are and why they work really well on Twitter

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