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Jordan Bryant is the CEO and co-founder of Chamber D.S., a mobile app development company based out of Portland, Oregon. I’ve known Jordan for about 5 years now and it’s been a long time coming getting him on the show.

He’s really doing some great things for the mobile industry and I wanted him to share his insights! We discuss his upbringing, how he started Chamber D.S. and how you can launch your own mobile app business.

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Key Points

  • Jordan grew up in an entrepreneurial household and used to live in an emu farm!
  • He started studying the medical field during his time at University of Oregon, but switched over to more of a business path after getting a taste of entrepreneurship and running his own painting business
  • Why entrepreneurship is more of a mindset than the formality of starting your business on paper
  • The best way to take advantage of your time in college is be quick and learn and quick to fail
  • Jordan talks about his first business failure and how he learned that you have to sell and validate your idea before you spend time building out the product or service
  • How Jordan and his current business partner validated Chamber D.S. by going door to door to businesses
  • Why apps can be a means to a money-making business, not just a standalone app that people use for free
  • The first version of most apps are just used to get user feedback to make version 2
  • 5 Steps To An MVP Poised For Success
    1. Market Research & Concept Validation
      • Utilize Google and the app stores to see who is already doing something similar to idea so that you can validate it
      • Look at negative reviews on your competitor’s apps
    2. Core Feature Focus w/ Version 1
      • Use a Kinvey to figure out the approximate cost of your app
      • Get estimates from companies in places where the cost of living is low (i.e. Portland, OR vs. San Francisco, CA)
    3. App Store Optimization (ASO) – Dressed To Kill Strategy
      • Title of app
      • Description
      • Keywords
      • Screenshots & headlines on screenshots
    4. Promotion
      • Get feedback from tons of users as soon as quickly to iterate for the next step
      • It’s important to start promotion before you launch so that you can actually have a “launch”
    5. Iterate and Create Version 2

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