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Smiley Poswolsky is the author of the Amazon bestselling book, The Quarter-Life Breakthrough, a guide for millennials to find meaningful work. He’s also a keynote speaker on millennials and meaningful work, make sure to check out his TED talk!

I wanted to get Smiley on the show because he’s actually been through a quarter-life breakthrough himself. Most people talk about it, but he’s been through it! We discuss his journey and his 4 steps for getting “unstuck” in our lives and careers.

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Key Points

  • Only 25% of college graduates move into a career related to their field of study
  • We can learn something from every experience, oftentimes what we don’t want to do
  • Smiley first realized he was “stuck” during his time in Washington D.C….the “boxes were all checked” but inside he knew something wasn’t right
  • 70% of Americans are disengaged in their jobs
  • How to know if we are “stuck” in our careers
  • How to get “unstuck”
    1. Surround yourself with believers, find a supporting cast
    2. Stop comparing yourself to others and start pursuing work that is meaningful to you (examine these three areas: gifts, impact and quality of life)
    3. Start hustling with intention
  • Smiley does a lot of journaling and is a very introspective dude! He recommends to anyone who needs help getting rid of stress or anyone who’s in the business of idea creation

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