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Anthony Tran is the founder of Marketing Access Pass, a site where he helps young entrepreneurs take their online marketing efforts to the next level. Anthony specializes in WordPress website development, search engine optimization, and social media marketing strategies.

I wanted Anthony to come on the show because, being a marketer myself, I wanted someone one that could share everything a young entrepreneur needs to know about how to market their online business. We discuss how he left his corporate job to start his business, what it was like making his first dollar and marketing tips for your online business.

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Key Points

  • Anthony started his career out at San Diego State University and spent some time in the Air Force after that
  • He never saw himself becoming an entrepreneur, but it fit the lifestyle he wanted: working his own hours to be able to spend more time with his family
  • Anthony’s first exposure to entrepreneurship was his uncle, who quit his great paying job at Intel to start his own e-commerce business
  • What it was like for Anthony to put in his two weeks notice, quit his job and get going full-time with his business…he also shares his advice for transitioning from his side hustle to making it full-time
  • What it takes to become an authority? Share your knowledge. Give your best stuff away for free…it builds trust with your audience.
  • Step #1 – Validating your idea(s)
    • Google Keyword Planner – Don’t get bummed out if the search volume is low…if you have a high priced product or service that’s ok. If you have an inexpensive product or service, the volume should be higher
    • Google Trends – Look at keyword trends year over year to find out if the industry is trending up or down
    • Research Competition – Remember, competition is a good thing! Let other businesses validate your ideas for you. Go after long-tail search terms as well (i.e. instead of using “workout programs” use something like “workout programs for busy people”
    • Group Research – What are people talking about in Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups and forums related to your idea?
  • Step #2 – Listen for needs and pain points
    • Anthony shares a story about how he wanted to create a membership site for Marketing Access Pass, but he adapted to marketing services because so many people were asking him to just do the marketing for them.
    • Always ask your audience what their biggest challenges are and interact with them as much as possible.
  • Step #3 – Create a platform
    • Make sure you have a solid website where people can Google you
    • Blog and podcast, listen to your audience to know what type of content they like to consume.
    • Make sure you like making that type of content as well! (this is why I podcast more than I blog)
  •  Step #4 – Drive traffic
    • PPC
    • SEO – Use your keyword research to build pages and posts on your site that ranks for those keywords
    • Leverage other people’s audiences with guest blog posts and guest interviews on other podcasts
    • Social proof is powerful…do something noteworthy and use tools like HARO to promote yourself

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