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Greg Rollett is the founder and president of Ambitious Media Group, where he creates content, products and services for affluent millennials and the brands looking to reach them. He is a multi-Best-Selling Author and Emmy Nominated Producer. He’s been seen on ABC, FOX, CNN, FOX News, E! and has been quoted in Forbes Magazine, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Inc and many other major media outlets.

The reason why I had Greg on the show is because he is a master content creator. He’s great at creating compelling content that people love to consume. We discuss his journey as an entrepreneur, how to craft a compelling story and creating epic content.

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  • Greg started his career out as a rapper for a rock band and played alongside of bands like Papa Roach and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
  • How Greg got the attention from guys like Richard Branson and Chris Brogan by finding the outlets with the least amount of competition
  • People don’t remember facts, they remember the stories…why your story is important and how to tell it
  • Steps to creating impactful content
    • Step #1 – Pick your medium (blog, podcast, video)
    • Step #2 – Write content for the reader/listener – write with an outcome in mind
    • Step #3 – Let the market dictate if your content is good or bad (ready, fire, aim)
  • Biggest mistakes content creators make:
    • Creating vanilla content (don’t give obvious answers to dumb questions)
    • Not using research and facts to back up your claims
    • Not editing your work

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