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Chris Estrada is the founder of Operation Spot and the host of the Coworking Success Podcast. He is very passionate about inspiring 1 million young entrepreneurs to join coworking spaces because he believes that coworking spaces are essential for success as an entrepreneur.

Coworking spaces are all the rage right now for entrepreneurs and I wanted to get Chris on the show to talk about them. We discuss everything you need to know about finding and researching a coworking space, how to make the most use of them and he drops some very valuable networking bombs.

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  • Chris was an engineering major in college and found out he had a big passion for marketing when he found a mentor who worked with the Atlanta Falcons in event marketing
  • Chris talks about what it was like getting his MBA and leaving a corporate opportunity to start his own marketing consulting firm
  • The RIGHT way to seek advice and counsel on whether to quit your job to start a business or not
  • How to find the right coworking space
    • Price ranges
    • Different types of spaces
  • How to take advantage of coworking spaces to find clients
    • Ask about outside events
    • Networking best practices
  • I challenge Chris pretty hard on why we would want to go to a coworking space when we could go to a coffee shop

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