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Jeff Brown is a former nationally syndicated morning radio show co-host with nearly a million weekly listeners. He hosts the Read to Lead Podcast, a top-rated business and career podcast, and has interviewed business greats like Seth Godin, Hal Elrod, John Lee Dumas and several others. He’s also a podcast coach and mentor.

Jeff is not a millennial but I wanted to get him on because he has 20+ years of experience in radio and podcasting combined. If you need help starting a podcast and beyond the technical aspects of getting started, this is the perfect episode for you. We discuss the process of putting together a great show, finding great guests and interviewing techniques to conduct a great interview.

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  • Jeff has 20+ years of experience as a radio show co-host for a nationally syndicated morning radio show and discusses his transition to podcasting
  • Podcasting is not what’s hot right now…AUDIO ON DEMAND is what’s hot…podcasting is just a medium
  • Why starting a podcast to make money is NOT a smart idea and a few ways a podcast can indirectly generate revenue for you and your business
  • How his podcast helped Jeff build a portfolio to connect with and receive coaching client referrals from John Lee Dumas
  • What holds most people back from starting a podcast
  • Why the worldview exercise is the most important step before you start recording a single episode (download worldview template here)
  • Why speaking to the listener individually instead of as a group is key to creating loyal listeners
  • The 4 P’s of an effective interview

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