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Click To Tweet: “If you can’t draw boundaries with the people who are hurting you, then you’re more of broken person for everyone else.”

April MacLean has gone from abusive home to foster care to business owner. Both her dance studio and podcast & coaching brand are designed to spread hope, foster transparency, and teach people to use their unique personality and style to become a success story by giving generously.

I wanted to get April on the show because she has dealt with a ton of adversity growing up. We dig into her story, 3 steps you can use to overcome adversity and her newest business venture, Room To Dance.

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  • April grew up for the first 8 years of her life at a zoo and was raised by a single mom
  • She was pregnant and emancipated by the age of 15
  • We discuss overcoming adversity and the importance of vulnerability, surrounding yourself with the right crowd and accepting
  • How using your adversity to paying it forward can help in the healing process
  • Why empathy is one of the most important qualities of a successful individual
  • April talks about her newest business venture, Room To Dance, and why she started it

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