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Michael Sallander is the President and Co-Founder of Chicago Digital, an innovative web agency based in Chic ago, Illinois. Their passion for helping small and medium size businesses has helped them grow into a full-service strategic marketing company developing online solutions for organizations across business sectors.

I wanted to get Michael on the show because of his expertise in web. We discuss his entrepreneurial journey, the pros and cons of building an agency vs. freelancing and tips for building an effective website.

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  • Michael has been working on websites for the last 14 years and started doing side projects around his classes
  • Why a need for web agencies still exist when there are so many resources for people to build websites themselves now
  • We discuss freelancing vs. building an agency and the challenges of each
    • What the lifestyle is like
    • Growing pains
    • Money
  • Why one of Michael’s first hires when growing his agency was a support role
  • Steps you should take before building a website (or hiring an agency to build one for you)
    • Know your business model
    • Create your content before you start design
    • Your website’s speed is critical in optimization

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