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Click To Tweet: “Failure is not the end of the world, it’s just a sign that you’re doing shit worth doing.”

Jess Manuszak is the founder of The Brazen Bible blog and CEO of Verve & Vigour Creative Branding Agency. She approaches life much in the same way she approaches any and every game of Monopoly: with borderline inappropriate amounts of determination and a wad of fake paper money shoved down the front of her pants.

I wanted to get Jess on the show because she is GREAT with copywriting. We discuss her humble beginnings, copywriting and how to be happy being yourself.

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  • Jess started out her career working as a telemarketer
  • Jess’s first big break was getting an opportunity to work with Ash Ambirge
  • Why it’s ok “not to know what you’re doing” because no one else does either!
  • Why being open about your failures is a good thing

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