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Matthew Williams has worked, lived, and traveled overseas for the last 7 years. He’s now helping others have the same awesome experiences by placing them in career relevant positions in emerging economies through his business, BrainGain.

I wanted to get Matthew on the show because of his vast knowledge around working overseas. We discuss his love for travel, how to support yourself to live overseas (so you can do more than just vacation) and his new startup BrainGain.

5 resources to help you live successfully overseas (learn how to support yourself financially, learn the language and find the best locations):Bonus Content

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  • Matthew talks about how he started out his career studying Psychology, but his interest in travel sent his career elsewhere
  • We discuss not only travel, but what it’s like to live in another country for extended periods of time
  • Steps to living abroad successfully
    1. What do you want from the experience?
    2. Look for ways to support yourself (teach English, work/holiday visa, woofing)
    3. Adjusting to overseas life
  • Keeping your mind open about where you’re traveling is the best advice Matt gives for a successful stay overseas

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