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Budi Voogt is the co-founder of Heroic, an experimental label group and agency based in The Netherlands. He does the management for artists like San Holo. He also writes about the music industry on his blog and is the author of The SoundCloud Bible.

I wanted to get Budi on the podcast because he has really great experience in the music industry. He’s also an expert when it comes to Soundcloud, a platform more podcasters (including myself) need to take advantage of.

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  • Budi is from the Netherlands and we dig into his entrepreneurial background…he’s been involved in online gaming since a young age
  • He got his career started managing EDM bands with a friend
  • Budi discusses what he learned from his first business partner, but ultimately why that partnership didn’t work out
  • Best practices for reaching out to influencers to hack the growth of your business
    1. Identify influencers who’ve gathered your audience for you
    2. Explain the value you can provide for them or their audience
    3. Build social proof on the web
  •  Why Budi wasn’t intimidated by getting into a very saturated industry
  • Soundcloud Hacks
    1. Match the track name and tag with the category/genre names
    2. Make sure to repost your uploads so your followers see them
    3. Maintain continuity with your brand (pump out content consistently ever 2-3 weeks)

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