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Danny Rubin is a communications expert for the millennial generation and the author of the new book, “Wait, How Do I Write This Email?“…a collection of over 100 email templates for networking and job search. You can find more of his insights on his blog — NewsToLiveBy.net — which highlights the career advice “hidden” in the day’s top stories.

I wanted to get Danny back on the show to share his new book! We dig into detail about everything a millennial entrepreneur or businessperson needs to know about email: how to land interviews, how to network and how to connect with potential clients.

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  • Danny has spent the last year writing his book, Wait, How Do I Write This Email?
  • Danny’s recommendations before you start writing a book:
    1. Use Google Analytics, keyword data and audience feedback from your blog/podcast to see what your audience loves the most
    2. Do competitive research to see who’s writing about something similar to see if there’s a need
    3. Put together a detailed outline of the entire book (Danny recommends using Scrivener)
  • Steps to writing an effective email:
    1. Stroke the person’s ego and show them you care about what they do!
    2. Social proof (link to a blog, podcast, portfolio, press article about you, name drop someone they would know that you know as well,  etc.)
    3. Call to action (be clear about what you want)
    4. Use 1-2 sentence paragraphs

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