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Click To Tweet: “You become passionate about something after you become good at it.”

Sam Matla is the founder of EDMProd, a blog & resource website aimed at helping electronic music producers make better music. He’s also the author of The Producer’s Guide to Workflow & Creativity, which aims to help producers overcome creative problems.

I wanted interview Sam Matla because he’s been able to take a passion of his (EDM) and turn it into a business helping other EDM artists. We talk marketing, EDM and how to turn a passion of yours into a business.

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  • Sam always loved EDM but got started in business with a skateboarding blog and then a productivity blog
  • Why following your passion isn’t always a conscious decision…your passion is often created by becoming good at something
  • We discuss when you should know when to pivot or quit an endeavor
  • Why it’s ok not to have a super niche business at first until you generate audience feedback
  • Sam talks about the most common business skills missing in EDM artists
    1. Professionalism – be professional in your interaction with other EDM artists, bloggers and podcasters
    2. Networking – connect with other artists!
    3. Financial Awareness – it’s not everything, but stop telling yourself that it’s not important because you’re not making any…it allows you to make your art!

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