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Brandon T. Adams is an Inventor, Entrepreneur, Author, and Host of University of Young Entrepreneurs Podcast. Having Invented Arctic Stick, and buying a tri-state Ice distributorship at just 22 years old, he recognized the main obstacles of getting started–lack of Funds and Resources. He launched the University of Young Entrepreneurs to help support other entrepreneurs and assist them with getting their ideas funded.

I wanted to get Brandon on the show because he knows the ins and outs of crowdfunding, which is super hot right now! We break down the different types of crowdfunding platforms, how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign and his entrepreneurial background.

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  • Brandon’s career trajectory changed after reading Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • We discuss Brandon’s invention, The Arctic Stick
  • Why self belief is such an essential part of success as an entrepreneur
  • How Brandon’s successes stemmed from his experience failing at his first few ventures
  • The difference between Kickstarter and Indiegogo is that Indiegogo is more flexible with your offering and you can get the funding even if you don’t hit your goal
  • Brandon’s FUND principal for putting together a kick ass crowdfunding campaign (listen for the finer details!)
    • Forethought Process
    • Utilize Marketing Plan
    • Narrative
    • Deliver Value
  • You should allocate 15-25% of your crowdfunding budget towards marketing, your video and your incentives
  • The biggest mistakes people make when launching a crowdfunding campaign

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